KEMEK offers a wide range of Broadband Wireless communications solutions, from Public Hot Spot to Last mile Access as well Security & Surveillance and Metropolitan Area Network covering Voice, data, Video and Internet distribution. KEMEK will deliver efficiently and professionally.

Working hand-in hand with the global leaders in the wireless equipment industry, KEMEK project team is able to deliver secure, high performance, and reliable Broadband wireless connectivity solutions using the best technologies covering Non – Line- of – Sight as well as Line- of – Sight solution.

Whatever you want to accomplish; wirelessly, the solution is right here. Here are just a few examples of our wireless solution offerings:

• Public Hot Spots
• Last Mile Access
• Mobile Enterprise
• Metropolitan Area Networks
• Wireless Backhaul - Voice and Data Carrier
• Security & Surveillance- Public Safety
• Wireless GigaLink
• Free-Space Optics Solution

You will be able to grow your wireless network in all directions - from Point of Presence to building to laptop. Adding capacity or extending your network into new areas is simple when you work with us – because we work hand-in hand with the global leaders in the wireless equipment industry to offer all the wireless components in an end-to-end wireless solution.