Data Security

KEMEK technologies; working with the global leader in Unified Threat Management (Gateprotect ®) offer proactive and “easy” to use Network Security solutions that delivers breakthrough performance for various network environment, ranging from Internet, Intranet / Extranet, LAN / WAN, VPN, branch offices and Data centre protection with maximum security that put you confidently in control of your network in a simple way.

Our unified threat management (UTM) solution is specially and sophisticatedly designed to proactively respond to all threats (Internal & External), by providing a single and effective POC (Point Of Control) to all Network & Internet security and QOS challenges.

The singular solution will provide the following in a simple to use approach;

Gateway Antivirus,
Gateway Anti-spam,
Firewall - Stateful inspection,
intrusion detection (IDS) and prevention (IPS),
Virtual Private Network (VPN) - IPsec / SSL
Web Content flirting and access control
Network Monitoring / reporting,
QOS - Traffic shaping - Bandwidth Management, HTTP Cache.
Load balancing
Whatever you may want to accomplish regarding IT security/ Content Filtering, VPN, Firewall and Bandwidth Manager (QOS), the amazing solution is right here.